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name Panini
summary Create perspective views from panoramic and wide angle images
description Panini is a tool for creating perspective views from panoramic and wide angle images.Panini can load most common photo and panoramic formats from image files such as those created with hugin or QuickTimeVR (QTVR .mov) files. Like all pano viewers, it then shows a linear perspective view that can be panned and zoomed. But Panini can also display a range of wide angle perspectives via the stereographic and "Pannini" vedutismo families of projections, and shift, rotate, and stretch the image like a software view camera.Panini can do those things because it paints the picture on a three dimensional surface, either a sphere or a cylinder, which you then view in perspective. Shifting the point of view changes the apparent perspective of the image, and other controls let you frame the view to your liking. Then you can save the screen image to a file at higher-than-screen resolution.

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