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name Battle for Wesnoth La Bataille pour Wesnoth
summary A fantasy turn-based strategy game Un jeu de stratégie au tour par tour dans un univers fantastique
description The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based tactical strategy game with a high fantasy theme. Build up a great army, gradually turning raw recruits into hardened veterans. In later games, recall your toughest warriors and form a deadly host whom no one can stand against! Choose units from a large pool of specialists, and hand-pick a force with the right strengths to fight well on different terrains against all manner of opposition.Wesnoth has many different sagas waiting to be played. Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which you are the legitimate heir... lead a brutal quest to unite the orcish tribes... vanquish a horde of undead warriors... Guide a band of elvish survivors in an epic quest to find a new home...There are at least two hundred unit types, sixteen races, six major factions, and hundreds of years of history. The world of Wesnoth is absolutely huge and only limited by your creativity. You can also challenge up to eight friends—or strangers—and fight in epic multiplayer fantasy battles.

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